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LeafLink List 2019

LeafLink is the cannabis industry’s wholesale marketplace, connecting thousands of cannabis brands and retailers in 25 territories across North America. LeafLink List is an annual celebration of the amazing brands, products, and retailers in the LeafLink community and how they are shaping the cannabis industry.

Discover the 2019 LeafLink List Winners

Top Brands

LeafLink Customer Favorites

These brands are known for their superior retailer service and quick order response time on LeafLink. Many of these brands are Trusted Sellers and have been verified by LeafLink to respond to all orders within 24 hours.

LeafLink Customer Favorites

Diversity in Leadership

Celebrating brands who are pushing cannabis forward through their commitment to industry diversity and inclusivity.

Diversity in Leadership

Best Branding & Advertising

The best brand profiles and advertising campaigns on LeafLink, selected by our design committee.

Best Branding & Adertiing

Industry Innovators

Brands who have embraced new technology, products, and methods to improve the experience for their customers. 

Industry Innovators
Market Influencers

Taste Testers

Retailers with a track record of sampling products that have just recently debuted on the platform.

Taste Testers

Best Purchase Variety

Retailers who purchase the largest assortment of products in their market.

Best Purchase Variety

Industry Innovators

Retailers who have embraced new technology, products, and methods to improve the experience for their customers.

Industry Innovators


The top products on LeafLink in 2019


Best Selling Products

Coffee & Donuts Chocolate Bar

Coda Signature (CO)

Tropical Punch Gummies

District Edibles (NV)

Camino Wild Berry Gummies


Sour Gummies

Wana Brands (CO)

Fastest Growing Products

Squib Grape 50

Lunchbox Alchemy (OR)

Happy Apple

Happy Apple (WA)

Heal+ Gencaps 3:1

Next Gen Pharma (PR)

Punchbar Original

Punch Edibles & Extracts (CA)

Sublime Caramel Chew 50 mg

Sublime Brands (OK)



Best Selling Products

FLI Vape

Live Resin Pax Pod

500mg Sativa Cartridge

1 mL Distillate Cartridge


The Lab (CO)

Lucky Turtle (CO)

Platinum Vape (CA, MI)

500mg Cartridge

Timeless Vapes (AZ, CO)

Fastest Growing Products

500mg Strain Series Cartridge

AiroPro (CO)

PAX Era Pods

Jetty Extracts (CA)

Arnold Palmer
Live Resin Cartridge

K.I.N.D. Concentrates (AZ)

500mg   Refined Live

Resin Cartridge

Raw Garden (CA)

ATF Vape Cartridge

US Cannabis

Pharma (OK)


Tinctures & Sublinguals

Best Selling Products

20:1 Calm Tincture

Aliviar (CO)


Butterfly Effect (OH)

Betty's Eddies Medicated Fruit Chews

Kind Therapeutics USA (MD)

The Remedy Oil

Mary's Medicinals   (CA, CO, MI)

Fastest Growing Products

Universal Cannabis Tonic, Earth Blend

Luminous Botanicals (OR)

tinQture Agave CBD 600mg

marQaha (CO)


Next Gen Pharma (PR)

20:1 PLUS Restore Tintcure

Strainz (CO)

1:1 Tincture

US Cannabis Pharma (OK)

Tinctures & Sublinguals


Best Selling Products

Oil Syringe

RSO Dart

Cannalicious (MI)

Live Resin

Element (MI)

Bruce Wayne Honeycomb

Cannavative (NV)

Live Resin Sauce

Raw Garden (CA)

Fastest Growing Products

Very Special Reserve Extract

Gaga Crystal Extracts (WA)

Desert Sand 500mg

Monster Xtracts (MI)


TR Concentrates (CO)

Cold Cured Live Rosin

The Flower Collective (CO)

Cannabis Oil Syringe

Siskiyou Sungrown (OR)

Flower & Pre-Roll

Flower & Pre-Rolls

Best Selling Products

Wedding Cake

Fire Rock (OH)


High Grade (AZ)

Pre-Roll Joint

Pacific Stone (CA)

Mini Fuzzies Pre-Rolls

Sublime (CA)

Estate Jar

THC Design (CA)

Fastest Growing Products


8 | Fold Cultivation (NV)

Acapulco Gold Pre-Roll

Henry's Original (CA)

Caviar Joint

Kaviar (CO)

Madman OG

State Flower Cannabis (NV)

Chocolate OG

Verano Brands (NV)



Best Selling Products

Betty's Eddies Medicated Fruit Chews

Kind Therapeutics USA (MD)

Platinum Vape (CA, MI)

Wedding Cake

Fire Rock(OH)


Theraplant (CT)


Robhots (CO)

Fastest Growing Products


Butterfly Effect (OH)

500mg Cartridge

AiroPro (MD)

Sublime Caramel Chew 50mg

Sublime Brands (OK)

A.T.F. Cartridge

US Cannabis Pharma (OK)

500mg Cartridge

Timeless Vapes (AZ, OK)

Topical & Transderml

Topicals & Transdermals

Best Selling Products

Extra Strength Relieving Creme

Apothecanna (CA, CO, OR)

SYNERGY Relief Balm

Dixie Elixirs & Edibles (CO)

Lavender Cream

Escape Artists (CO)

Transdermal Compound

Mary's Medicinals 

(CA, CO, MI)

Body Balm

Nordic Goddess (CO)

Fastest Growing Products


Foria (CO)

Menthol Clinical Strength Lotion

High Desert Pure (OR)

Phoenix Blend

Medicine Farm Botanicals (OR)

KUNI Lotion

Next Gen Pharma (PR)

Topical Cream

US Cannabis Pharma (OK)

A Note on Our Methodology

Our methodology for building LeafLink List included reviewing products, brands, and retailers that were live on LeafLink in 2019. For all quantitative categories, we looked at data from January 1st, 2019 to September 30th, 2019.


  • The Best Seller categories represent the most popular products and brands on the platform in 2019.

  • The Fastest Growing categories recognize products, brands, and retailers that exhibited rapid growth this past year. 

  • The Top Buyers category looked at retailer order volume over the course of the past year.

  • The retailer Market Influencer, Taste Tester, and Best Purchase Variety categories incorporated order volume, data on products ordered, and sample request data. 

  • Winners of the Best Branding & Advertising, Diversity in Leadership, and Industry Innovators (brands and retailers) categories were selected by an internal nomination and voting process. 

  • LeafLink Customer Favorites are brands with superior order fulfillment and customer service on LeafLink’s platform.

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