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We took both a qualitative and quantitative approach in order to find the best of the best when it comes to cannabis, across brands, retailers, and products. The combined approach ensures that the LeafLink community has a powerful voice in naming their favorites, while also rewarding those brands, retailers, and product categories that are winning when it comes to analyzing marketplace data.


Qualitative Research

LeafLink List’s Community Favorites for brands and retailers were derived through surveys sent out via email to LeafLink’s network of cannabis brands and retailers.


The Best Brand Profiles, Best AdvertisingEarly Adopters, and Leaders in Social Responsibility categories were selected by an internal nomination and voting process.


Quantitative Research

Each quantitative category winner was data-driven, sourced internally from LeafLink’s database of cannabis marketplace data in order to find the best of the best across brands, retailers, and product categories! For this year’s edition of LeafLink List, we looked at data from January 1 to September 30, 2021.

  • The Top-Selling categories represent the most popular products and brands across the platform in 2021, and the Top-Purchasing categories represent the retailers that purchased the most across the platform in 2021

  • The Fastest-Growing categories celebrate the products, brands, and retailers that saw exceptional growth since the beginning of the year

  • The Best Customer Service category includes brands known for their superior retailer service and quick order response time on LeafLink

  • The Market Influencers, Taste Testers, and Best Purchase Variety categories for retailers categories incorporated order volume, data on products ordered, and sample request data.

  • The Top Brands and Top Retailers by Market categories include the top-selling brands and the top-purchasing retailers for each state in which LeafLink operates

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